A Brief History of Devis Entreprise Lawn Care

Devis Entreprise Lawn Care, LLC is one of the oldest and most highly respected lawn care companies in Arvada, Colorado, a well-to-do, leafy-green suburb of Denver. There are many Arvada lawn care companies, of course, but none enjoys the reputation of Devis Entreprise.

Although very few of the many, many people in Arvada who are familiar with Devis Entreprise Lawn Care realize it, the company has a very colorful history.

It was founded by two French Canadians, Claude Devis and Pierre d’Entreprise. Claude was a would-be painter who spent several years in the late 1930s living on the left bank in Paris and working in the Atelier of the great nature painter Henri du Berry Beri Montpelier-Smythe. He proved to have more passion than talent, however, and in the end Montpelier-Smythe dismissed him.

He subsequently made his way back to Quebec, where he had been born and raised, and not long after he arrived home war broke out in Europe. So he volunteered to serve in the Canadian army.

It was while he was in the army and fighting with the Canadian forces in Europe that he met Pierre d’Entreprise, who was a very clever, highly skilled automobile mechanic. Strangely enough, however, although he was extremely good at fixing machines, what Pierre really loved was nature. “I’ve always loved grass and trees and flowers and things;” that’s what he kept saying to Claude Devis, who was his platoon leader.

Claude Devis loved grass and trees and flowers and things too. That’s why he had gone to work in the atelier of Henri du Berry Beri Montpelier-Smythe. And as he and his subordinate Pierre d’Entreprise, who was almost ten years younger than him, fought their way across the battlefields of Europe, they decided that if they survived, the would start a lawn care company, and spend the rest of their lives working with what they loved: with grass and trees and flowers and things.

Why did two French Canadians, soon after the end of World War II, move down to Arvada, Colorado just north of Denver to start their lawn care company?—the company that today is the oldest and most respected lawn care company in Arvada? What caused them to travel so far from their home?

That’s a very good question. And we will answer it on our second blog post. Don’t miss it!